Baby, quinoa, Monday

Before lunch, I went to my friends' house to deliver food and meet their new daughter. Of course I wanted to give them the food, but really I wanted to get my mitts on a darling newborn. Just shy of 2½ days old, this little peanut was what my arms had been missing. Oh! I love the babies. I could have 80 babies. I could happily hold a baby for hours on end, day after day. I love their tiny features, their little bleating sounds, teeny mouth puckers, involuntary motions and twitches. Little ma'am never opened her eyes today, but that didn't lessen my utter bliss in just snuggling her. Seriously, I should get a baby-holding job. Can you volunteer in hospital nurseries as a baby holder? Sign me up. Whatever happened after I returned home was unremarkable except for finding this amount of granola left when I went in for a snack. Seriously, husband? Seriously? Just eat the final three bits of granola for pete's sakes. #lazyanddoesntwanttowashdishes #doesntwanttogetintroubleforeatingallofgranola


And then I was stumped re: dinner. I wanted to caramelize Brussels sprouts with chunks of thick-cut bacon, but it's Meatless Monday so I made good on that instead: roasted asparagus with lemon and salt; quinoa with pistachios, apricots and lime vinaigrette; toasted bread with some hard Spanish cheese I found in my cheese drawer plus roasted tomato jam. All in all, I give it an A. T concurs. Off to watch Homeland.