Awesome morning at the farmers market

Oh man, do I love the advent of spring as it manifests itself in produce. This week I bought some beautiful ruby batons of fresh rhubarb and promptly made a strawberry-rhubarb puree that I used to add a swirl of flavor and color to a yogurt cake and also just eat plain, spoon by wonderful spoon. This morning, Ol and I headed down to Dupont for some time together at the farmers market. I was hopefully certain that ramps would be there, and they were! So were zucchini blossoms! And pea tendrils! AAH! We had a chongos popsicle (Mexican cream and cinnamon; to die for; yay Pleasant Pops), bought some buffalo jerky from Cibola Farm and the best brined and smoked turkey breast ever- thank you EcoFriendly Foods. I cannot wait to cook and dine on all this glorious freshness. For now, pictures. ramps

pea tendrils