People, as the hours have passed since we left DC today, I have felt the weight of everything slip away like ice in the hot sun. Last night was positively awful; I woke suddenly at midnight with such intense nausea that it was all I could do to get to the bathroom before upchucking. I finally got back to sleep and was then awakened by Jack, terrified by a nightmare. I felt so badly for him -nightmares really can suck- so crawled into bed with him, waking up only when, at 6:16am, he put Nutmeg on my head, and said "look Mommy, he came to see us." Suffice it to say that I did not feel awesome this morning. Things were definitely still shaky when we boarded the plane, but I got a cat-nap, woke up and realized we were OFF until Monday night and settled into the most blissful feeling of peace and freedom.

It's gorgeous here in Charleston, both the weather and the architecture. Very New Orleans in some ways, and the people are so friendly. We grabbed a quick lunch at Dixie Supply, which looks like a refurbished convenience store and, in fact, directly abuts a L'il Cricket where today, Red Bulls were 2 for $4. We didn't try for wings but we did sit outdoors and indulge in two slices of ridiculously yummy tomato pie and perfect squares of sweet potato cornbread.

tomato pie at dixie supply in charleston

Afterwards, we wandered Charleston for a while, me feeling ever-more-grateful that we'd packed our good camera. The homes here really make me want to start paying more attention to things like my driveway (now a rather ugly parking pad by our garage) and the iron work my garden surely needs more of. Too, a leisurely stroll through an enormous antiques shop has convinced me that I need a toast rack despite the fact that I never eat toast.

We are staying at a lovely hotel; our room is large, the bed is so comfy, and boy is it quiet. Off to get ready for dinner and send more vibes of gratitude towards my in-laws for keeping the boys.