Atonement for last night's failed squash side

Ooh, people, this was a 5 star dinner. The avocado dish was my favorite. You mash avocado with lemon and salt and then stir into it cooked onions/mustard seed/serrano chile/garlic/curry powder. Delish!!

The cabbage/bean recipe was good too though not as stand-out. Still such a nice way to get a lot of veggie-eating in, and a super side for a very powerful rest-of-your-meal.

I also made those delicious chicken paillards: pounded thin, coated with Dijon mustard, and s & p seasoned panko, then pan-fried in a little olive oil. I put a slice of pancetta on Tom's paillard before coating/cooking, and he loooved it. The chicken pics aren't anything to write home about, but I'll post the recipe. YUM!