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Ok, it's in the 40s today; gorgeous, and upper 40s, but it's April and the 40s should be long-gone. Grr. Did you read this heartbreaking article about a Afghan six-year-old promised to marriage as repayment for money borrowed for her mother's and siblings' medical care? Unbelievably awful. I read this, looked at Jack, and was literally sickened at the thought of some patriarchal elders telling me I had to GIVE UP my child TO MARRIAGE as if he were an inanimate piece of collateral. Of course, that wouldn't happen because he's male which is disgusting enough but six? Her parents sounds miserably sad but feel they have no recourse. What kind of society is that? Seriously!

This article, about brokering peace between fractured peoples, cultures, countries, was terrific.

I am so darn tired. Today is one of those on which I feel desperately ready for the kids to be in school full-time. I am so sick of trying to pack everything, huge amounts of errands, responsibilities, interests, into two or three hours.

On the flip side, today is my Mom's birthday so I'm sending her the happiest of vibes, and tonight, we are having a festive get-together with friends whose daughter will be in Oliver's class next year. Yay!