Arresting pumpkins, fragrant parsnips

Aren't these heirloom pumpkins breathtaking?  I think they're such works of art. Go Nature- you win every time! I'm going to cook a soup in one when I can bear to part with it. The pumpkin itself stays firm enough in the oven and afterwards makes such a beautiful, edible tureen. Very cool.

I have managed to avoid packing despite the fact that my cab is coming around 6am tomorrow, and I need at least four different dresses for this wedding weekend. Ack! Hate packing, hate packing, mental block against it, a pox on it, argh!

Instead, I've whipped up some rosemary-brown sugar parsnips which roasting away in the oven smelling to the nines. I cannot wait to devour them for lunch by my lonesome, a mighty welcome lonesome I say!