Are we Europeans? Sunchoke and collard tart; it's frigid

It was so, so ugly in DC today: gray, rainy then icy, windy, cold. The kind of weather that chills you literally to the bone. I exercised, went to the dentist, made two pies and some rice dressing, candied some pecans and pumpkin seeds, found an ophthalmologist, trimmed Brussels sprouts, and.... and was cold most all the time. I wish I'd thought to light a fire this evening, but betwixt and between putting together an Ottolenghi tart and reading stories to the boys, well, it just didn't materialize.

The tart, however, warmed where the fire could not, emerging from the oven like a magnificent, steaming gift. As it did so fully 90 minutes after we usually eat, we felt as if we were dining a la family across the pond and went with it as best our untrained stomachs could. The recipe called for chard but T grabbed a bunch of collards so we went with that too, and they definitely fit the bill. I used Molly Wizenberg's tart crust recipe instead of Yotam's, but other than the collard sub followed the rest of things to a T. It was a scrumptious dinner which paired perfectly with a new Pinot from the Russian River that T discovered.

I've got miles to cook before TG so am heading off to a slumber respite now. Back tomorrow! Hope you're warm!