Apricot muffins hit the spot

These were lovely, lovely, lovely! My youngest heathen was up at 4:30 screaming for milk. I did not oblige, and I think he fell back asleep. Both were up around 5:30, and it's been a fairly nutty morning ever since. Over-tired infighting has been the irritating norm, and I am not looking forward to the next few hours. Tom slept in the basement to start his Father's Day off right, and I'm glad he did because I feel like arse, and he does not. Oh, father's day. Aren't most days fathers' days? Perhaps I'm being snarky, but really. Jack suggested we institute a Son's Day. I think not because every day is definitely son's day. Have mercy.

Anyway, I'm going to take the heathens to the farmers market which is not going to be relaxing but the biggest treat in the world is to have your home to yourself, so I want to give T a few hours of peace.