Applesauce, announcement

Isn't that pretty! I love the red peel and the way it tints some of the sauce the slightest bit pink. This applesauce smells so good, fresh and healthy. Mmm, mmm. I like to eat it plain or with cottage cheese. It's also good with latkes, roast pork or chicken, or cooked into muffins. If you drained it well, I bet it would make a nice turnover filling. Hmm- thought! It is a beautiful day here, and I have loved this morning at home alone. Oliver has school until 11:15 today, so I've had just about two hours since dropping J off. Heaven.

You might have noticed, or perhaps not, that I've added a new page to Em-i-lis. Without any ado, I introduce you to Em-i-lis Catering. If you or anyone you know would like a small-scale, delicious feast, please consider sending them my way. For those of you who've tried my goodies, I would be grateful if you'd submit a review. To do so, click on the Catering page, scroll to the comment section at the bottom and go to town. Many thanks, for reading, cooking and sharing!