Apple-pear sauce, Go CATS, everything yum

Go U Northwestern! The Cats won the Gator Bowl today- first Bowl title since 1949, yo! Great job beating MS State, Fitz and team- proud to be a Wildcat and to have never missed a game while an undergrad. We grazed on New Year's food all day which was no chore- that collard cobbler rocks, and the cow peas are nearly gone. Too, leftover chocolate cake and coconut cream pie made for the loveliest 1-2 bite treats throughout this, our first day of 2013. I saw many a friend on Facebook, exercising, hiking and so forth. Alas, I mustered no more than one nice, leisurely family walk, a good amount of cooking and a quick nap. We also taught Jack how to weave potholders on one of those plastic looms which was as fun for him as it was for Mom and me to revisit (each of us made lots during our respective youths). J has turned out two very nice ones and a third is in progress.

Quite a few of my pears were soft beyond good snacking so I made a lovely apple-pear sauce tonight which will make a terrific addition to tomorrow's breakfast.

apple pear sauce