Appetizers and drinks, camp-out in the works

Due to a deal made of staying up late, eating by a campfire and camping out under the stars, the boys acquiesced and napped today. It was much needed, and they have been darling ever since. As promised, we lit a fire in my parents’ fire pit and cooked beans and hot dogs over it. I made a cactus paddle/tomatillo salad, and both J and O swear that they now ”loooove cactus.” They were in hogs’ heaven and made up cowboy names for everyone: Jack= Texas Fire; Mom= Maxine; Dad= Pardner; Oliver= Jake; T= Slim John; me= Priscilla/Prissy.  Following dinner, we made s’mores, and really it’s true: everything tasted good when cooked over a fire! We’d made Aperol Spritzes and poured wine, and all just seemed good in the world. Unfortunately, the tree house in which they’d so diligently set up camp had about 2000 bees living on its exterior walls, so that situation is TBD. In any case, they’re running circles in the yard under the stars and having a grand time.