And the year comes to an end

With a bang and a swoosh, another school year is over. The boys are awfully sad and equally tuckered out so are R&R'ing with all forms of electronic input right now. I'm cleaning the last of the dishes and feeling just a touch glum that my afternoon pedicure plan was foiled by a last-minute babysitter cancellation. Ah well, all the better to simply stay put. I am thrilled by how marvelously happy and successful the faculty and staff appreciation lunch went today. The chance of rain remained nothing more than a chance, and I was so well organized this year that I even had time to dress up and put on make-up before heading over to school. So many parents helped set up, donated beautiful desserts, arranged flowers and really gussied up the lunchroom. And when I went back afterwards for clean-up, the teachers were dancing to beat sixty looking thrilled as could be. I feel awfully proud and grateful I can give back in this way. Feeding others is often love and thanks, you know?!

I also made red beans and rice and a strawberry cake. As I whipped the frosting this morning, I thought, "Wouldn't a pale pink hue be lovely?" Out came my never-before-used pink Wilton food coloring and into my pillowy, snow white frosting went a few tiny drops. Y'all, it was all immediately a vat of bubblegum pink, like Pinkalicious in a bowl. I about died. This was NOT the color I was going for; I mean really, was I cooking for a five year old girl? I felt obliged to make an announcement before lunch began that despite the color of this towering cake, it was in fact a from-scratch strawberry cake and would be spectacular if anyone was willing to try it. When I returned, hoping for a sliver, there was not a crumb to be found, so I'm glad they all believed what I said. Hah!

I am really looking forward to a good night's sleep and tomorrow will get my car's oil changed and pack up for the beach. Back to finish the bit of cleaning left. Washing dishes after a grand party always feels good; as I tidy the remains of the fun, I get to think back over it all and enjoy again a job well done.