Amsterdam-inspired appeltaart in the oven

I am really looking forward to this tart. I made a butter-based crust which I precooked for 8 minutes and then cooled slightly. Then, I slathered 1 cup of that gorgeous apple butter I made yesterday on the crust. Following that, I cubed 5 or 6 Ginger Gold apples (peeled half of them, cored all) and 1 Macintosh, tossed them with lemon juice, cinnamon and sugar, and poured them on top. Isn't this pretty? It's cooking now, and I'll let you know how it is.

I recall my weekly slices of appeltaart in Amsterdam with such fondness. Almost every time I indulged - €2,25 a slice was definitely a treat for us newlyweds - T was at work, and I had been doing French homework, reading or perusing the city all morning. Quite possibly it was cold and gray'ish outside, and that tart + some hot tea of coffee was a lovely, warming pause in my day.

I hadn't thought about that taart much recently and don't really know why it popped into my mind this week, but it's looking beautiful in the oven, and I hope its flavor brings me back to Amsterdam even more concretely.