Amazing tart, literally exhausted

This is not the sort of dish that photographs well inside at night. For starters, I had to use my flash, and secondly, its color scheme is fairly lacking. That said, this tart was one of the most delicious things I've made in a while. Or "in a while" that I can remember.

I am so unbelievably zonko tired tonight. Ol and I slept in the basement together last night and were up for hours at a time, twice. He threw up all over me once though during our second visit to puke city he made it square into the toilet, gripping the rims like a frat champ. I loved the between heaves, he railed against the gross indignity that is puking. Agreed, Mr. O, agreed.

We shared sweet nothings throughout our slumber party, and honestly, he is the best combination of sweet, charming and truly funny. Jack is too but in a different way. I'm a lucky mama. Remind me of this when I want to jump off the roof. My favorite Oliverism came before bedtime though. I was doing the puzzle, Jack was playing Minion Rush and Ol was pitiful on the couch behind me. Percy was moaning and wailing about some sound that only he could hear (I know that literally that's probably true but it doesn't stop it from being damn annoying), and I said in a silly accent, "Percy, I wanna kill ya." Jack said, in an even sillier accent, "But we don't have any wea-o-pons." About thirty seconds later Ol says, in his regular voice, "Don't we have an axe?"

WTF, people? If it weren't hilarious it'd be marginally terrifying. Since I once caught him facedown on the sidewalk attempting to kiss an ant, I'm not remotely concerned. More I really appreciate his quick wit in the midst of soaring fever. Jack and I about fell out.

Back to the tart. Tom took the kids to his parents' house today at the very moment I started to implode from lack of sleep and lots of talking. Having frozen my lower back into a ridiculously taut seize, I took myself to the gym to stretch. Then I had to do some cleaning and finally I went to the market. While there it occurred to me that I simply must make a savory tart for dinner. Yesterday I was overtaken by a yen for caramelized shallots so those two desires laid the foundation for what would become tonight's tart.

My favorite crust (Molly Wizenberg's), the caramelized shallots (Nancy Silverton's), cubed tasso (from EcoFriendly foods), caramelized Savoy cabbage, goat cheese and an egg-milk custard made for a truly remarkable dinner. I'll write up the recipe tomorrow as I'm gleefully going to bed NOW, at 8:32pm.