Allium confit, spaghetti sauce is simmering

Oliver and I managed to get the spaghetti sauce simmering but I'll have to wait until we get back from picking Jack up to deal with the meatballs. Fits and starts- the life of  parent! In the meantime, however, the new food52 contest -Your Best Spring Alliums- inspired me. What is an allium? It is a large genus of flowering plants, often called the onion genus; in Latin, allium means garlic. As such, all manner of onions and garlic are considered alliums. Anyway, in my fridge were ramps and green garlic, and in my garden, darling new scallions. I had some pearl onions too, and thought a simple confit using these goodies would highlight their beauty, in taste and looks. Too often, these items are relegated to foundational or garnish sorts of uses. But this confit puts them right in the spotlight, and it is really fabulous. Will post recipe in a bit.

As you can see, it got the seal of approval from Oliver, too!