Adventures with the kids, fab-o pizza

After my class today, Jack went on a hike with T's dad, and Oliver and I went on a date (T was rather pooped after a full morning with the boys!). Grandpa and Jack headed to a mountain about 90 minutes from us and there found a great topper of snow. Meanwhile, Oliver picked a playground that this afternoon "is my favorite", and we practiced playing safely since, while I was gone, he tumbled down the stairs with a chunk of wood onto which he'd affixed googly eyes and ended up with this sizable gash. AAAH! We let them stay up late and ultimately had a dance party to Gangnum Style -hilarious- and after finally tucking them in grilled this delicious pizza. No mozz in the house, no pizza sauce either, but we were glad because it forced us out of our regular 'za rut and into something refreshingly new. I made a shallot-garlic-mushroom saute and used all manner of truffled goodies my sister brought me from the truffle festival in Chianti. T used some of the sausages I'd made yesterday, and both of us topped everything with my fresh ricotta. Delicious!

Now we're off to finish enjoying the rest of a bottle of Tempranillo and watch last night's Real Time!