Aah, Thursday

The children actually slept until 6:30 this morning, a blissful surprise especially since the opposite is usually the case when T leaves town. Ol climbed into bed with me, warm and dear, and about ten minutes later, Jack followed, sweet and loving. No one tried to play "mine" under my covers, no one argued over which Mommy arm he got or how much pillow. I almost couldn't believe it, but I'll take it! After dropping them at school and hitting the gym, I came home for a lovely morning of cooking and organizing. I'm teaching canning classes tomorrow and Saturday and also need to prep a number of items for a catering delivery two days hence. It's a gorgeous day, Percy and I took a walk, the kitchen has been a happy place of smooth success, and I've just devoured the last of my Yotam leftovers and a small bowl of my potato soup. It is so good. To go alongside both, I pan-seared half a head of radicchio in olive oil sprinkled with sumac. Delicious. Y'all simply must try wilting or grilling radicchio! I like it sprinkled with a little Chinese 5-spice, grilled and then served with a brûléed grapefruit "steak" on top. But this simple seared half today paired winningly with the tahini sauce, onions and the potato soup!