This morning has been pure luxury! Nearly four hours alone to work, think and just enjoy the beautiful day. Dog walked, 24 scones made, three real letters finally written, yard watered, energy restored, lunch being enjoyed. Yesterday at the farmers' market (thinking about just calling this FM from here on out), the boys asked to get their favorite "marble cheese" from the cheese lady. The marbling comes from ash, and it just kills me to see them with blackened fingers, chowing down, happy and loving it. Great palates, boys! While there, I tasted a new cheese, a sheep's milk with paprika. It was lovely so I bought some of that too. We also came across mâche which I think is the cutest little green and is making a nice base, in addition to an arugula mix, for my salad today. The sweetness of the pears and grapes are nice counterpoints to the spiciness of the harissa in the carrots and the pepperiness of the arugula. Yum!