A taxing day, Turkish-style meatloaf in the oven

In the oven and smelling good is another Turkish-style turkey meatloaf, this one for an order, not us. But as I was chopping the walnuts, mint, basil, parsley, green pepper and onion, I was reminded again of what a dainty, tasty meatloaf this is. I've made it before but neglected to post the recipe. It's a Florence Fabricant dish (NYTimes), written to be paired with a nice Riesling. Indeed, that is a good pairing. In this iteration, I added a dash of cinnamon and think things will be all the better for it. I'll post a pic and the recipe after I get the boys to bed. Today was an extremely taxing one that commenced at 5:59am and T leaving at 7:30. O's Thanksgiving feast at school was darling, but afterwards he refused to nap, it rained all day (we did really need it though), and going to the market with both kids after school was like being the butt of a joke at a circus. Not fun in any way.