A quiet day of yoga, cooking and pets

Today was, overall, such a nicely quiet one. The kids are off their heads about Nutmeg (so am I, and T has cottoned to him quite quickly) who kept them entertained all morning. Isn't he adorable?!? Percy has been such a sweet dog, wary as if he knows Nutmeg would/will win any battle but curious and gentle.Nutmeg NIK_1187 NIK_1188

I got to go to yoga which was wonderful as usual and made a strawberry cake for a little boy who's about to turn 7 as well as a collard green cobbler for his birthday meal with his family. I sure wish I could have kept both!

NIK_1196 NIK_1202

Presently, Percy is snoring loudly, Nutmeg is sleeping quietly, the hermit crabs are hermiting like always, and T and I find ourselves with a free evening as his parents invited the boys over to go see the National Christmas Tree and then spend the night. Yowzers. We're going to go out to eat and get a good night's sleep (much-needed). Aah! The Sunday paper and a quiet home in the morning? Wha? Fab!