A moment's reprieve

We got out of the car just in time. I swear to you that if I have to tell the boys one more time that I cannot look at or watch them (in the backseat) while I'm driving (clearly, in the front), my head will spontaneously combust. Is this a difficult concept? Do my reminders come out sounding like parseltongue? Mother of god, boys. Listen! Ingest! I've just planted them in front of the TV for a brief viewing of Busytown Mysteries, and I'm going to sit a spell in a big way.


It's gray and busy today; early pick-ups, an orthodontist appointment, dress rehearsal tonight, errands and so forth. The arrival of my annual hamantashen haul from Ol's school fundraiser did bring a huge light to the drear; 17 boxes worth! They are not all for me. No, I have turned a dear friend onto these insanely good treasures, and she ordered even more than did I this year. But 20 chocolate, four cherry and four apricot are mine. Some will head immediately into the chest freezer because they save beautifully there, and I can mete them out judiciously over the next eight months or so. Some remain on my counter, but my family now knows not to eat imprudently or else.

chocolate hamantashen

Do you know about hamantashen? I'd never enjoyed this treat until Jack started nursery school at a temple near our home. During his first year, I bought a few during the annual fundraiser which always falls just before Purim, a Jewish holiday that celebrates the Jews' deliverance from the evil Haman. As you can see, these cookies are triangle-shaped, a reference to Haman (some say that was the shape of his hat; others suggest it has something to do with his ears), and come with a variety of fillings. Poppy, prune, apple, apricot...though probably not as traditional, my favorite are these stuffed with chocolate, and the amount I purchase has increased each year since that initial romance. These are definitely the best I've ever tried!