A mighty risotto

Peeps, because I couldn't stop thinking about the arancini I devoured last Friday night at The Magpie, I decided to make my own. But I don't love to fry things at home and wanted more of a meal than an appetizer. As such, risotto.  After all, the two dishes utilize the same primary ingredient -rice- so this was sure to be an easy adaptation. And it was. I sauteed some shallots, garlic and rosemary in equal parts butter and olive oil, added the rice, deglazed with white wine, added broth a half cup at a time until the rice was creamy and then stirred in a blend of young and more mature Manchego cheese. Tom took one bite and sighed happily. This risotto sang, perfect in its simplicity and utilization of high-quality harmonious ingredients. I will post the recipe for you ASAP, under Non-Pasta Lunch and Dinner Entrees. I'd hoped to serve this with shrimp but the kids lost it in the seafood section so we had to bail on that final idea. Alas, this would be lovely with grilled shrimp and lovingly prepared scallops. But then again, it was sublime on its own, too.