A grand success

Last night's party was a grand affair! It is always so wonderful to have your favorite friends and family together, surrounded by a pervasive aura of love and happiness, music, great food and drink, uproarious laughter and endless talk which refuse to let silence enter. El and her wonderful husband created a fantastic slideshow of photographs of Mom and Dad from the past 40+ years as well as a number of loving notes fam and friends had sent in. In an old moving box I recently managed to unpack, I found three dinner plates from the china Mom and Dad received as wedding gifts. Last night, they ate from those. I'd had a local florist recreate a less-detailed version of Mom's wedding bouquet which she carried around sportingly for a while. Dad wore a boutonniere, champagne and wine flowed, and never before have I seen such a spread of food be decimated so quickly. Hear, hear!! Leftovers of any degree there were not. Mom with her bridal bouquet 40 years later


We plowed through seven pounds of beef tenderloin, a vat of mint-pistachio pesto, two dozen rolls, the beet-horseradish salad, an asparagus-mint salad, a strawberry cheesecake, a lemon meringue pie and a chocolate-almond cake. Not a crumb remained. Easiest clean-up ever!

lemon meringue pie