A good day for baking

It's gray, and my migraine is still visiting, like your worst-nightmare house-guest. Fortunately, the boys are at school and I've just puttered around quietly, organizing those flipping Legos (a never-ending task that I should leave solely to J but know that if I do, it's my feet that will suffer as I check on him during the dark night or forget to look down as I walk into his room each day), and replenishing my baked good freezer supply with blueberry muffins and vanilla-fig scones. vanilla fig scones

I've just had a war with the muffins which refused to photograph well; as such, I refuse to show you even one of the rather dreadful pictures. So there, you pesty muffins. These scones, courtesy of fiveandspice (a food52 cook), are some of the best I've ever had. Today I experimented with substituting a cup of whole wheat pastry flour for that much of the all-purpose called for, and you would never know. Why I bothered in light of the butter, cream and crème fraîche is beyond me, but it just feels nice to know there's something whole grain going on.