A frigid morning at the farmers market

This morning was one of those visits to the farmers market in which the idea of a leisurely stroll through the myriad stalls disappears immediately upon opening your car door and realizing just how darn cold it really is. Jack and I were on a date and we'd bundled up but wow on the wind: it was a sharp knife on wings. We scurried to our favorite stops, a raspberry palmier for Jack here, sunchokes for me there. All in all it was a fun, productive visit but as Oliver would say, "I'm brrr." Jack and a seriously large Daikon radish


winter's day farmers market haul

We returned home to find Oliver in prime dude form, thrilled to have just walked with T to Crate & Barrel for a new bathroom cup. I assume orange was not available as he picked neon "lellow" instead.

such a dude

I had big plans to make the salad highlighted in today's NYT Magazine (house salad from Canlis in Seattle) for dinner but as T left for CA, I had class, my babysitter and I had a miscommunication about her coming today, Percy continues to pee on our couch and I can't find his dog-diaper, I decided to go with a tried-and-true house salad a la Em-i-lis (the compost salad), enjoy a single Applejack Rabbit and hit the sack with today's paper. See you all on the other side. Of the day, peeps, the day.

Oh, and I did indulge in this insanely delicious chocolate eclair from the Bonaparte stall. Perfection! DC-area folks, I highly suggest you find your way to Bonaparte (bricks-and-mortar or at the Dupont FM) and treat yourself to one or many of these.

bonaparte's chocolate eclair