A follow-up, ricotta gnocchi, Nutella pudding

Yes, you read that correctly: Nutella pudding. Doesn't that sound aMAZing?! I think I might make that for our dessert on Valentine's Day. Ooh, la la. And for our app or entree, I might have to cook the ricotta gnocchi that I read about yesterday. Judy Rodgers (of Zuni Cafe) was talking about how fabulous they are and what a constant hit they are at Zuni. Good gnocchi are transportive; really, they are one of the things on my list that when done well render me speechless and savoring every bite. Palena, a restaurant here in DC, makes crazy good gnocchi of all stripes. You absolutely cannot go wrong in ordering any version they're offering. It will be the collective taste memory of every little gem of gnocchi I've had there that I bring with me into the cooking process on Tuesday. I wanted to follow up briefly about the breaking up with my doctor that occurred recently. He called me immediately upon reading my letter, and we had one of the most mature, good conversations I've had about a rather unpleasant topic (fortunately, it is not a frequent occurrence that I have such conversations). Truly, I was so appreciative of his response, he was thankful for my having addressed the issues, and we both left with clarity and closure. What a model of solid communication!