A couple things

1) The cheesecake from a few nights back is AWESOME as is the accompanying sour cherry sauce. 2) My pizza was absolutely wonderful tonight. Love the mandolined potato with rosemary, olive oil and Maldon. Fab. Ditto for the kale with pine nuts and the simple squash. We tried the Letizia brand of mozzarella di bufala tonight- DC folks, it's from Vace on Connecticut Ave. AMAZING! The flavor was scrumptious, rich but not overly so, big but not commandeering. Oh my!

3) I had a dream that Nicholas Kristof and I became tight friends. Isn't that awesome?!

4) Tomorrow, I'm going to make ricotta, serve it up with a last batch of Em-i-lis' Lusty Sungold Love for dinner and also do something fabulous with the four varieties of beets I bought today- beets love both goat cheese and feta so we'll see about some coming-together there. Meatless Monday, folks! And not a thing wrong with any meal consisting of fresh bread, fresh cheeses and just-picked veggies.