A compost lunch of a different sort

On days when the "compost" ingredients (leftovers, basically, for any new'ish readers) in my fridge really don't lend themselves to a traditional lettuce-based salad, I like to go the warmed-slightly-in-a-bowl route. This is also a nice way to accommodate the need for inner warmth on chilly days. To me, a warm bowl suggests that whatever's inside it will comfort you, will make you feel satiated and good, like the blanket you might toss over your legs afterwards if you have a bit of time to recline and read (or nap!) while you digest. As I was up much of the night with the boys, any comfort that comes my way today is welcome. For example, I eagerly embraced the whole grain pancakes T had waiting for me when I finally made my way downstairs this morning, looking like the wrath of God, or at least Mad-Eye Moody. And I now very much look forward to this bowl of goodness: whole wheat couscous with mixed steamed greens, grilled tofu, and oven-roasted tomatoes drizzled with aged balsamic.