Sorrel sauce, pistachio-cardamom cake

Trafilatura with sorrel-walnut sauce

Pistach-cardamom cake w/ cherry-card jam

Well, I’ll tell you, this dinner was good. I cobbled together a couple recipes for sorrel sauce I’d seen online and ended up briefly cooking the sorrel in some EVOO with a minced pod of garlic. Sorrel + heat=grayish, slimyish mush quickly, so I added some more sorrel in at the end for texture and color. I also added some fresh lemon juice, a touch of walnut oil, s&p, a knob of mascarpone and some toasted walnuts. Then we shredded Pecorino on top. It was quite nice.

For dessert, I made a pistachio-cardamom cake and put my cherry-cardamom jam on top. Verrry good.