Apologies, new hors d' idea for you

I have fallen off the wagon of providing hors d’ ideas but will redeem myself now with one that comes from Louisiana. It is delicious although I admit it’s one of those recipes that upon first read may not incline you towards excitement. I implore you to try it, even if just for the name: Jezebel Sauce

Isn’t that a fabulous name, as if you’ve sprung backward in time to old Alexandria. It’s also quite pretty, super easy and wonderful for summer soirees.

Anyway, here goes (and I’ll post it in Em-i-lis Recipes):

1 16oz jar pineapple preserves 1 16 oz jar apple jelly 1.5 oz dry mustard 5 oz horseradish s&p to taste

Combine and refrigerate. Serve over cream cheese and with crackers.