Useful kitchen utensils, green tips of the day

Here are some of the items that have become indispensable to me: 2 T measuring cup- do you know that 1/8 c = 2T? do you know that I find it so much easier to get out my 2T measuring cup when a recipe calls for either 2T or 1/8 c? I got mine at Williams-Sonoma.

Fish spatula and fish tweezers- Tom swears by his Rosle fish tweezers for removing pesky fish bones; I love the fish spatula because it actually does what it says- flips your pan-sauteeing fish without breaking it up!

Splatter screen- this is a fabulous tool for keeping your cooktop relatively grease free when cooking anything in hot oil.

Microplane- I’m sure many of us have and use this item on a regular basis but it is beyond compare for zesting citrus, grating fresh nutmeg, and, of course, grating hard cheeses.

The onion goggles I mentioned in a previous post:


Green Tips of the Day

Instead of throwing out the millions of rubber bands that come from the market, your mail, etc, why not make a rubber band ball with your kiddies or for a fun desk item? Ours is now huge, fun, colorful and out of the landfill!

Don’t throw away your wine- and beer-bottle corks. Cork comes from the cork tree which means those trees must be harvested. Cork is recyclable- look for a recycling bin at your local Whole Foods Market, or make a fun trivet or bulletin board using a make-your-own set from Wine Enthusiast or amazon. They’re durable and help you remember (or not) fun times associated with drinking special (or not) bottles.