2Amy's fava bean crostini

It is another stunner out there today, so after putting up the jam, I headed out; an appointment here, some window-shopping there, and then the realization that I was damn hungry. I was about a mile from 2Amy's, home of the best pizza in DC by a mile and my beloved fava bean crostini, a seasonal item that I stalk when the time is right and which inspired my own version of it (posted in recipes; delish). A quick call to Darlene, she of the delightful pink-streaked hair for you DC-area folks who might recognize and/or know her too, and I found that today's special app #3 IS this fab treat of a dish. I ordered that for me and some meatballs for the boys' dinner (you've never seen kids gorge on meatballs until you see them with a plate of 2A's polpette. It is truly a sight to behold so my little guys will get to indulge tonight. I just took these crostini down in about 30 seconds. Awesome. 2Amy's fava bean crostini

Just look at those shavings of Parm, glistening with olive oil, speckled with Maldon. Feast your eyes on the fava bean purée, the grilled bread, the ridiculously good amalgam of flavors this dish is! Mamma mia.

I am about to scurry back out to pick up Ol but simply must share my complete belief in the power of looking in on your kids as they sleep as a way to alleviate any stress and/or irritation you may have acquired during the bath- and bedtime routine. I do this each night because the boys are so dear when they're beset with slumber. They don't talk or emit any foul noise. They are just perfect, and I always find that seeing them in such a sweet state helps refill my reservoir. Observe little O from last night.

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