2 local deals, cooking plans for today

Two quick notes about local deals: 1) This Friday at area Whole Foods, boutique cupcakes will be 50% off, just $1 each. 2) If you need any random, interesting artisanal goods, Williams-Sonoma has their "pantry" goods on sale for 15% off. I just got three relatively obscure spices, some heirloom dried beans and some fabulous looking pasta.

I'm about to head to Jack's school to help out at Service Day- the kindergarteners are focusing on composting, and I'm excited to learn along with them. O and I just got back from a fun morning at Wms-S and the market to get those ingredients we didn't have for two new side dishes I'm making tonight: an avocado/mustard seed/serrano/cilantro salad, and a cabbage/white bean (I'm going to use those gorgeous bird's egg beans I shelled yesterday) "stew". Both are in the Heidi Swanson cookbook that I really like but haven't used often enough. So here goes. And I'm going to pound chicken breasts into paillards, coat them with panko and mustard and fry them. YUM!