Coconut Cream Pie & Marcella Hazan's Tomato Sauce

Last night's cake was so pretty, but I subbed fine cornmeal for the called-for polenta, and the resulting corn'iness was too pronounced for my taste. And I love corn. Just not what I was expecting although it'd be great with a summer berry compote. Alas, as it is something like 11 horrid degrees here today, a summer berry compote is not to be. No worries! I'd devoted today to cooking -yay!- and started by making my spectacular coconut cream pie. We won't touch it until tomorrow, but it's a perfect pie and will be well worth waiting for.

Let's give a shout out to natural light. It may be cold today but the sunlight is streaming through my windows. Natural light is a photographers best free friend!

I also made a big sack of homemade bread crumbs (all the better to coat Valentine's Day Chicken Kiev), cleaned an enormous bunch of purple mustard greens which are so mustardy that I felt I'd been sniffing wasabi powder (love that freshness!) and cooked some of Marcella Hazan's renowned tomato sauce with onion and butterfor the kids' dinner tonight. 

Where the hell has this been all my life? Liz Larkin, if you're reading this, you are surely wondering what rock I've been under. Four ingredients and to.die.for. Photo later after their meal!