Chile Verde and a Beautiful Loaf of Bread

We had a full day together, the boys and I. Snow day #1 and the enthusiasm for the powdery stuff was just where it should be after many months without. Sledding, snow-pumpkins (?), snow balls, hot chocolate... We went out for pizza, saw some friends, went to the market, watched Nutmeg frolic happily in the snow. At 5, I hit a wall and could.not.believe. that we still had dinner, bath- and bedtime to conquer. Mother of god. These are the times I would sincerely, wildly, emphatically enjoy having more help in the old childcare department.

So, I cooked. Fresh bread, which has been rising since early morn -or yesterday? who can really remember!- and a huge pot of chile verde which is always a major treat. Every single time I make this, I take my first bite and think, "Damn, I've missed you, you excellent chile." It's fiery and limey and a touch sweet. The flavors sing together and never get old.

Does anyone know for REAL if it's chile or chili? I am aware that the country is Chile and the band is the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Otherwise, I see both the "i" and "e" forms of chili/e written all the time. I always kinda feel that chiles are the peppers and chili is the soup, but I am not 100%. And yes, I have spent a fair amount of time poking around into this subject.

If you know, please leave a comment on this post so that we all may learn!