Bread Furst Palladin

This morning, four darling kiddos came over for a play date. I'm grateful so many terrific families stayed local for spring break.
*As an aside, I have taken to calling it Winter Breakyourspirit as that's more accurate a moniker than spring break which implies both warmer, sunnier weather and a vacation of sorts. I've come to an acceptance of this but feel the need to share with you my updated name suggestion.

In any case, fab kids, lots of fun, great way to pass a rainy morning. Two of my fave moms stayed and we actually got to catch up, finishing full paragraphs here and there. Outstanding.

At pick-up, one dad fetching his daughter (isn't it great that the kids asked for a co-ed play date? I love it!) brought me a loaf of Palladin from Bread Furst, Mark Furstenberg's bakery on Connecticut Avenue, just north of Cleveland Park. Furstenberg is a bread guru, and his Palladin bread is his homage to famed DC restaurateur, Jean Louis Palladin.

I can't even talk about how perfectly spongy this bread's interior is or how deliciously toasty and crunchy is its shell. And toasted? It's lighter than air and appealingly chewy. Earlier, I shaved some sharp Irish cheddar on top of a slice and put it under a low broiler until the cheese was bubbling.

Tonight we're having BLTs, and I can't wait.