Animals and, in unrelated fashion, food

People, Tom's fish hospice seems to have worked wonders: Lighting Strike is swimming happily around the tank! He's bumping into the cave less frequently, and Creamsicle (the guppy) seems ever so thrilled to have his friend back. I told T that I was shocked by his bedside treatment of LS but positively thrilled by it and grateful too. So, if your fish gets very fat very quickly, drops to the bottom of the tank, and starts to swim sadly, with only a fin or two, treat him for Dropsy and see what transpires. The boys were beyond thrilled today to receive a personal thank you note, pens and stickers from the Animal Legal Defense Fund. I was very touched too and I am certain this lovely response made the boys' donation even more meaningful to them. Later, Oliver said, "I love helping the animals. I LOVE animals!" and tonight I found him asleep atop 90% of his stuffed animal collection. Thank you, ALDF!

As promised, in unrelated news, I tonight fixed a vegetarian feast. Tom was not excited but didn't take me up on my offer to nuke a hotdog for him, so...

Burrata with caramelized onions; roasted cauliflower with Meyer lemon and olives; spiral-cut zucchini (T's aunt gave us a spiral slicer for Christmas, so I took it for a spin) sauteed with blood oranges; and some burned eggplant with vin cotto. I was totally satisfied!

Delish! Hope you're eating well so far in this new year!