After the vent

Boy did I need that enormous vent session here the other night. Thank you to everyone who sent a "Go Girl" my way as well as those who appreciated the Cruz-as-flaccid-member commentary. I adore you all. 

Despite the fact that I ran three miles and then drank a slight bit of Bourbon and then fell asleep in Jack's bed because he was so warm and cute and awoke the next morning with exceedingly foul, unbrushed teeth, I felt loads better. You've just got to let off steam sometimes, in fun ways and explosions too. There's a time and place, people.

'Twas that very damn evening that I hungrily put together a delicious dinner. Garlicky kale- and mozzarella-stuffed chicken breasts wrapped in bacon and pan-seared until golden and juicy and, for good kale measure, kale salad alongside. Totally satisfying, y'all. 

I did not always love smoked mozzarella, but now, I'm exceedingly fond of it when used in smart ways. Ghibellina (a terrific Tuscan place in DC) first lit my smoked mozz fire with its artichoke, green olive, sundried tomato and smoked mozzarella pizza. To.die.for.

My sister recently implored me to try an eggplant and smoked mozz risotto which I have yet to make but plan to.

We continue to settle in and further make this house our home. Yesterday was the Day of Hanging Art which has made a huge difference. In my opinion, art is like furniture for your walls. And if, like we have, you've collected paintings and photographs and kids' drawings and woodblocks and etchings over the years when they've spoken to your soul and heart and you're fond of them like you are good friends, then reuniting with them is really quite an experience.

Even my dear husband who tends to notice nothing walked in last night and said, "Oh, it's so nice to have stuff on the walls."


The Nut is just a happy cat and is striking out in the new 'hood with an ever-expanding radius. Earlier today I found him balance-beaming atop our fence, his body woven like yarn on a loom in a tree. If he could talk, I think he would have agreed that it wasn't the most comfortable position but then again, maybe not.