A new essay published, apple fest

I am so pleased to have had a new essay, Through Oliver's Eyes, published on Mamalode today. Thank you to everyone who's responded to it with such warm, enthusiastic support!

In other news, I've been steadily making my way through all the food we picked last Friday at Larriland Farm. The spinach has been taken care of, as has about a quarter of the kale, all the broccoli and half the apples. 

I made a pie, applesauce, and last night this roasted broccoli with a pimentón sherry vinaigrette. Scrumptious!

A slice of pie helped me start sorting out the edge pieces for my new puzzle, this painting by Mucha. I love it (painted it on our firebox long ago), but it's gonna be one hell of a challenge. 

Well, I started to paint her anyway. Then I found out I was pregnant with Jack and had to stop with the oils because of the fumes. Never got back to it, and that was nearly ten years ago. #motherhood