A bridal shower and good TV

It was an absolute pleasure today to co-host a bridal shower with a dear friend for someone special. It's been raining for two or three days, and election season is always fairly intense so it was beyond lovely to put all that aside for a couple hours this afternoon. Family and friends, pink champagne, pretty dresses, and so much love.

As I washed dishes tonight (I've said it before and I'll say it again: I love to wash dishes after a party), I thought about how important community is, how important it is to celebrate friendships and life events, to give out and take in, to talk and get to know people, to love. In the most polarized of times, it is crucial to keep humanity in mind, the common threads that connect most of us. 

Side note: are you watching or did you watch The Night Of? Excellent TV. Tough but very good!