A bit of beauty in food and sky

I should have finished packing by now but instead am procrastinating like it's my job. Have I mentioned to you that I hate packing? Loathe it? Yes, likely a million times. 

In any case, I've got underwear, business cards, a nightgown and toothbrush packed, so clearly I'm in good shape. If BlogHer has changed significantly and all we do is hand out cards from our hotel rooms whilst dressed in pjs.

Alas. It'll happen.

Keeping this short because of the above, but I wanted to share a few bits of beauty with you. The sky some nights back, and last night's dinner: my lovely Manchego and Rosemary Risotto

manchego and rosemary risotto

manchego and rosemary risotto

On tap for tonight, the always divine Caramelized Shallot, Cabbage and Tasso Tart. Gotta leave T with some leftovers because #men.