40 in one: the last bits

One of my best-ever friends arrived today, with her dear husband, to help me celebrate my birthday. I am overwhelmed by excitement and love and feeling so grateful and festive this evening. I want to go and try to get some beauty rest for tomorrow, but have a few final bits of wisdom that I want to share.

Get to know people of all ages. They'll keep you young and energized and also peaceful and zen. Some are in the moment of youth and others have lived it already, successfully crossing the rubicon of age after which perspective and wisdom are almost inevitable. Seek out those people, younger, same age and older, who sparkle with awareness, creativity, humor and senses of self. They are likely to add depth and richness to your life. I am extremely lucky to call people in their thirties, forties, fifties, sixties and seventies, friends.

Be generous: financially, with your time, and in spirit. Pay a compliment, tip extra to someone who's done a great job, mentor someone, volunteer. Meet your neighbors, tell someone you appreciate them, offer to help, let the other driver go first. Stinginess is ugly and divides us. Be gracious, share love, open your heart.

Don't be afraid to ask. What's the worst that can happen? You receive a "no" answer? Well, then you're no worse than when you started. You'd be surprised how many people are waiting to say yes. I find this to be true ALL.the.time.

Learn to type. Most useful class I took in high school. 

Laugh as hard as you can as often as you can. Children are especially useful in this department, as are saucy friends. Find them, enjoy them, laugh.

Exhibit A:

one way Oliver spends his time

one way Oliver spends his time

Exhibit B:
Stupid jokes and voices made up, retold and used repeatedly with girlfriends and/or your partner/spouse. 

Exhibit C:
A young child's interpretation of a common adult idea. 

Jack saw this earlier this week and said, with intense irritation, "What is an it closet? We have one at school. It's ridiculous. What does an it closet hold?" I nearly fell out from apoplectic laughter.

And now, I'm off. 40's coming fast.