40 in forty: Pack spare clothes in your carry-on

Ciao, friends! After a smooth but largely sleepless overnight flight to Rome via London, we are here. Our bags are not. 

It's a beautiful day in this beautiful city, and I have already witnessed a delightful Italian argument between two cab drivers that involved great deals of gesticulation, dramatic eye rolls and facial expressions, and strong but never screaming language. I was in the front seat of one of the cars, so I had a close-up of the action.

Afterwards, Luca-our driver-and I became fast friends, I now have several favoloso recommendations for restaurants and gelaterias, and I received the double kiss and an enthused hug when he dropped us off. I'm telling y'all, no language is more beautiful than Italian, it is beyond wonderful to be able to converse in foreign countries (Luca is not an English-speaking man), and the whole exchange made for such a happy entre to Rome.

But our bags. They did not leave London. I would like them to get to Rome today because we are all tired of the clothes we're in. Two-day, traveled-in underwear? Horrors! I did pack toothbrushes and paste, hairbrushes and some make-up, but our jackets, delicates, and pajamas would soon be welcome.

Tip: Always pack one spare outfit in the carry-on you bring on board with you! Perhaps you'll never need them, but if you do, you'll be as thrilled as I can imagine I'd be to have some now. 

Lovely Rome

Lovely Rome