40 in forty: Always keep a few good meals in the freezer

People, not only did the Italians spring forward with their own daylight savings on Saturday night, but also our flight home left at 7am on Sunday. What that means is that we were robbed of an hour of sleep and have been up since 3:30am Italy time on Easter. 

We flew home via London, and the children did not sleep for one minute. Not one single minute of the 9+ hours en route to DC. Mon dieu. My body does not even know where it is or what it should be doing. 

Let me tell you that the best welcome home gift was having a bag of homemade chili waiting for us in the freezer. A good, hearty meal just a thaw-and-heat away. 40 in forty tip of the day: always keep a few good meals in your freezer for days such as this. 

I'm sure glad I did. For those who celebrate, I hope you had a happy Easter. And now, to bed.